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Anthony Dorman-Hawkins is a Traditional & Digital Concept Artist, Designer, Caricaturist & Writer from the UK.

His company brand "FunkyAssDesigns" was founded in 2003 as a part-time venture whilst he developed and perfected his now globally recognized artistic style and product.

All of Ant's works are unique and original, one-off pieces, whether drawn digitally or with pencils on paper. He has a great eye and an overactive imagination that allow him to produce stunning, relevant images for his rapidly expanding client base. If you need an eye-catching logo or striking piece of promotional art to help your business stand out from the rest; Ant is your man. He works meticulously with his customers to understand their needs, whilst professionally guiding them toward what works artistically to best represent their company and product.


Ant also produces a vast amount of fan-art in his spare time; original take's on his favourite comic characters, musicians and movie stars, drawn in his very unique, recognizable style. Check out some of his work over on the homepage and keep an eye out for purchasable prints and originals of all your favourite characters soon!

If you wish to own some of this unique memorabilia, you can browse through his many creations over at his Etsy store.

Alternatively, contact Anthony directly to discuss commission rates; Simply fill in the form provided on this page.

You can keep up to date with new art and products by signing up to Anthony's exclusive mailing list or by following Anthony's Social Media feeds.

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