The Batman

Digital Sketch

Sketchy digital Batman. Why? Just because . . . Batman, ennit.

This started off as a little, rough digital line sketch and then was painted digitally also. I always enjoy painting a dark Gotham City background; as you can see, not everybody is home. Or maybe they're already in bed and they've just turned off the lights?

A nice moody sky and Bat-Signal always finishes the painting off nicely; It's a good job that all Gotham City villains are nocturnal, because I'm betting that Bat-Signal doesn't work in the daytime.

And also, in all fairness, how likely is he to actually notice that Bat-Signal at night either, being as - according to sources at DC - his face is very likely to be buried in Cat Woman's vagina.

Hmm, now there's something to think about.