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Is your Dad your very own Superhero? Would your GF look HOT AF dressed as Jessica Rabbit? Or maybe your friend Gary has always wanted to know what he'd look like if he ever turned into a Zombie! Well, now's your chance, Gary. . . you can be a Zombie, Gary!

I am now offering an awesome, affordable Caricature service; something done personally for you that'll make the perfect gift whilst not costing the earth!  But how do I get one, you ask? Easy! Just follow these steps:

   1. Take a look at the "HIS & HERS" galleries below and pick the character's body on which you'd like me to draw your desired face.

   2. Fill out the order form on this page, making sure to choose the correct character's body you want and fire me over the order.

   3. I will respond personally to the email address provided to get a few more details, photo's of your face and to take payment.

   4. I work my artistic magic, drawing your face and making it amazingly appear on the body you chose; Gary you are now a Zombie!

   5. You will then be sent your awesome, personalized Funky Ass Caricature via post and/or email! It's that easy! And Gary is happy!

Let's get started!



Great, you've chosen! Now remember the character's number you want for later.


The digital image you will receive via email once completed, will be a high-resolution, floating image that you can get printed on whatever you want - so make sure you save it somewhere safe, because this little file is sacred! With it comes great responsibility - but at the same time - endless possibilities!

You could print it on a T-Shirt for Mother's Day! Or get it printed on 100 stickers and stick them all over your BFF's face! Or you could even get a nice Zombie themed mug for Gary! He'd love to see himself Zombiefied on his favourite coffee cup every morning!

Get it printed on car stickers, mouse mats, posters, tote bags, caps, postcards, phone cases or just simply use it as your lock screen; it's entirely up to you, the choice is all yours!

Let's do it. This one's for you, Gary!

Order Your Caricature HERE!

Fill in the few details below and I will get back to you as soon as physically possible for photo's of your amazing face and to take payment.

Please be aware that I only take payment through PayPal.

Please choose a character's body to feature your face below. Simply pick from either the HIS or HERS Character drop down menus.


How do you want it?

Please choose an option below.

. . . . . . . . . £2

. . . . . . . . £45

. . . . . . . . £30

Please note, if opting for a physical print, the cost of printing and shipping is included within the price.

Please enter a shipping address below (for customers requiring prints only.)


Making changes to Border Text will incur a small additional fee of £2. You can enter the desired text in the comments form below, or I can get this info from you at a later date.

Thanks For Your Order!

Awesome, you're all done! Expect an email from me real

soon and thanks again for your order!


Please note that any single order may take up to 2 weeks to to be completed due to high demand. Digital images will be sent immediately on completion. Those of you opting for physical prints, please allow a little extra time for printing and shipping.