Anthony will always try to accommodate each and every serious request he receives, whether it's for caricature work, web page design, graphic design or character concepts. He will also try to cater for every budget, producing differing styles and finishes to fall within the timescale of the customers desired price-range. Click on the images to the right for a closer look of the different levels of detail he can provide based on your needs and see approximate pricing below.

#1 Initial Sketches:

Anthony will always start off with initial pencil concepts that get shown to the customer, allowing them to proof before he gets started with a finalized design.

Although these also take time to do, he usually throws them in free-of-charge when the customer is purchasing a finished piece.

If you should require sketch-work alone, please bear-in-mind that you will be charged accordingly. 

A few rough sketches can sometimes take up to an hour to get right, depending on the subject, so expect to pay anywhere from £10 - £30.

General Price:                          Free when purchasing finished piece.

#2 Sketchy Lines with a Splash of Colour:

If you want a quick, affordable caricature or poster then this level of detail is ideal. Usually Anthony's finished work would never contain lines, but adding in a rough edge really allows for a quicker style of art to be thrown down onto the page.

An image of one person will cost you £40 with additional characters in the same drawing adding an extra cost of £20 per head (so £60 for two people, £80 for 3 people, etc). Please also allow extra for detailed backgrounds or any other specifics; a final rough quote will be supplied on enquiry.

General Price:                                                                               From £40.

#3 Sharp Lines with Poster Colours:

Again, a style using lines, although substantially cleaner and more regimented for a crisp, posterised feel.

This level of work is ideal for logo's and commercial pieces. Vector art can be offered too at a similar cost.

All work purchased will be supplied in PNG format via email, both with and without backgrounds, unless otherwise agreed.

Prints can be supplied and shipped at an additional cost for any level of work also.

General Price:                                                                              From £70.

#4 Lineless Painting:

This is the best quality Anthony offers. This work defines his style and artistic identity. It is also the style of work that everybody with a commissioned piece in mind, wants from him.

The level of detail that goes into this work is quite unbelievable. From singular facial hairs, to skin pores and texture, it really is a lengthy process.

If you are seriously interested in this level of work, please contact Ant directly to discuss requirements and costing.

General Price:                                                                            From £200.

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