Two-Version Digital Painting

I started reading Marvel comics a couple of years before I started High School. My cousin Stephen got me into them. My dad told me that Stephen had sneezed one day whilst eating his cornflakes and they stuck to his face and dried up. I later found out that they were just freckles.

I was initially a huge fan of the X-Man Wolverine, but a little while later I discovered this big purple fella that constantly had beef with The Avengers, and Thanos became my new favourite comic-book character.

I'm not sure what it was, but the Mad Titan fascinated me. Maybe it was his infatuation with the personification of death or maybe it was his giant ballbag chin, who knows?

What I do know, is it was awesome to finally see him on the big screen and it's also awesome to draw my own renditions of the great big, purple, fart-knocker. This one is a full-on digital paint; I think it took around 20 hours or so.